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    The Alien/"Screen Dream" thread-and dreams that leave physical symptoms


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    The Alien/"Screen Dream" thread-and dreams that leave physical symptoms

    Post by Admin on Fri Jun 14, 2013 1:03 am

    Below is anothers experience I thought was worth sharing!

    Hi there.I have been reading quite a few dreams lately,of members having dreams of aliens/spaceships/medical or strange procedures or encounters,etc. 

    I would like for anyone who wish,to contribute to this thread,if they so wish,very welcome. 

    I've added some experiences to threads all over the site,and i think i should put them together in one cohesive thread. 

    I have had strange experiences in childhood,which included being able to see the sky through the roof of our house,floating in the air outside our house under a brown sky with a red sun/moon,being in the house with my mother while the house was bathed in a blue-green light,and a feeling of being outside place and time,suspended somehow.These were not dreams,i was very young when it happened,but i was not dreaming. 

    Also memories of staring up at the sky for a long time,and then feeling intensely vertiginous,shaky,a feeling of not being in my body-and everyone who was in the house when i went outside,was suddenly gone-the house tidied up and deserted.When i recovered,i would go outside,only to be called for dinner and everything being back to normal. Definely missing time/outside time/glitch in the matrix type weird inexplicable things.I did suffer sudden gusher nosebleeds sometimes as a child,which i hated because it made me feel so out of control. 
    At the age of 3/4,being in my mother's poultry-run,when a horrible heavy feeling came over me,and i blacked out-to find a dead chicken at my feet,with one drop of blood running out of its eye.A feeling of something horrible having happened while i was blacked out.As a little kid,i couldn't describe the feeling,but i can now-utter hopelessness. 

    I have woken with splitting headaches,severe nausea and vomiting(in absence of any sickness,like even the common cold or flu) needle marks,sometimes over a vein,birthmark-like bruises that usually fade by end of day,but a needle mark/puncture usually remains into the next day.I discovered an old-looking scar one day,that was Never there before.Also muscle injuries and pain,and even bleeding.Once i cleaned the shell of my ear with an ear bud and disturbed a scab that appeared without me having had a sore in my ear the day before,and this bled copiously. 

    In the past 1+half years,i had dreams of: 
    Being given a medical procedure with very advanced technology,an injection in my right arm-when i woke from that,i felt sick,and my right arm hurt like hell all day long,and into the next day-a heavy feeling,stinging pins+needles,lots of pain,i could hardly use my arm that day. 
    In that same dream i gave birth-and in this dream,2 young human-looking adults came to me,presenting themselves as :the babies who grew up" I ran from them in great fear,although i did first give the girl a hug,which she seemed to want-then i bolted,and the dream ended.I bled for 9 days after that dream,in addition to the painful arm. 

    A dream of 4 men who landed outside a house i was in,in a plane-like craft with flashing blue+red lights.They said they were doctors,and the oldest one,a short grey haired man with glasses,accosted me+tried to pry his finger under my lower lip and eyelid-he accomplished this,with help from another one with him.I tried to fight him off,but as soon as the other man came to help him subdue me,i must have blacked out,i remember nothing after that.But my lip was sore inside when i woke,and my eye was puffy,with a dark shadow underneath(i tend to often have dark circles under my eyes,but not so drastic,this was much darker than the normal slight "shadows" under one's eyes.) 

    Dreams of tall slender human looking beings wearing robes-those are always positive dreams. 

    A dream of being shown a bio-mechanical thing that was half-alive,half-machine.And being shown how to use this device on strange black beings,like flat shadows,with glowing pink-red eyes.This device turned them to human appearance.Then in the same dream,one of the tall robed ones making me study something out of a big book,he was introduced as an Elder. 

    Some of these dreams-including one of laying in a hospital-type bed,surrounded by others in beds,had a glowing shining thing coming down from the sky,that wanted to insert itself in my ear-also featured an American friend i lost contact with,who has had some strange things in his life,and claimed to have had encounters with the same alien entity on many occasions,he said it started in childhood,and came to him again in recent years.He's had a lot of strange stuff in his life too. 

    I include some pics: the day i woke up with the birthmark-like bruise under my lip,i went to sleep fine the night before,and woke up with this.It faded towards the evening,but a needlemark/punture remained till the next day.also,i had a horribly painful muscle injury,so bad i could hardly move from the pain(a back muscle,up towards the shoulder),and it only started going away the next afternoon.That was the worst one yet,aside from waking one morning feeling so sick and with a feeling like my head was going to explode with pain,and vomiting all day,and fatigued.My husband was sick for 2 straight days,like this,my illness went away by the evening. 

    I also include some symbols that i would often get while meditating,for a few months last year-it would be interesting to me,if any other members have gotten such symbols-in dreams,meditation,etc? 

    Please feel free to share dreams,memories,experiences,injuries,etc. Sorry i didn't have a decent camera,this is the camera on my crappy little cell i had to use. 

    Any thoughts?


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