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    Animal X Classics


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    Animal X Classics Empty Animal X Classics

    Post by Admin on Sat Apr 13, 2013 2:39 am

    Animal X

    Animal X is an American documentary television series that aired in more than 120 countries. It began in 1997 with its first series of 13 half-hour episodes.

    In 2002, Discovery Channel in the U.S. co-produced a second series of 13 half-hour episodes with the creators of the series, Australia’s Storyteller Productions, for Animal Planet.

    In 2004 Animal X spin off, the Natural Mystery Unit, was born. Also a co-production between Discovery US and Storyteller, it was again aired on the Animal Planet Network in the United States, as well as numerous other networks in countries around the world.
    Animal X Classica (as the first two series have become known) and Animal X Natural Mystery Unit are produced in segments that often feature eye-witness testimony.

    Animal X is series that reports and investigates strange animals and animal behavior. The episodes routinely show the Animal X Team planting motion-activated infrared video cameras to try and capture evidence of the creatures they seek; or discovering some form of physical evidence which they would then send off for analysis.

    Even so, episodes are careful to avoid making definitive conclusions and the new evidence presented by the Team is usually described as inconclusive or unable to be classified. Animal X adopts a cautious believer approach to Cryptids and rarely features outright skeptical viewpoints.

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