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    Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara


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    Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara Empty Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara

    Post by Admin on Thu Jun 13, 2013 5:40 am

    Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara Zt51b88347

    • "There is something soul stirring about looking into the face of an ancient human skull and knowing this is my species,"
    • For much of the past 70,000 years, the Sahara has closely resembled the desert it is today. Some 12,000 years ago, however, a wobble in the Earth's axis and other factors caused Africa's seasonal monsoons to shift slightly north, bringing new rains to an area nearly the size of the contiguous United States. Lush watersheds stretched across the Sahara, from Egypt to Mauritania, drawing animal life and eventually people.
    • Archaeologists have inventoried the stone tools used by these early inhabitants and the patterns inscribed on their ceramics. They have also identified thousands of their rock engravings, which depict herds of ostriches, giraffes, and elephants. Some of the images suggest that along the way the people of the Green Sahara learned to domesticate cattle. But they remain veiled in mystery. Did they arrive here from the Mediterranean coast, central African jungles, or Nile Valley?

    I read this article while enjoying my morning coffee and thought I'd post it here to share with those here who enjoy the topic. I found it rather interesting. It speaks of an Earth Wobble at a time when many other locations on Earth were experiencing "Climate Change" No, I'm not going to debate the present era situation.... 

    This provides a possible insight into a region that if correct still holds many secrets yet to be revealed. The problem we face presently is that the entire region in question is a vast trackless desert. {For the most part} For those of you who have the time, Google Earth the region in question. You'll quickly realize two things. 

    1. Just how vast and foreboding it truly is. 


    2. You may come to a similar conclusion {as I had many years ago} for the potential for still undiscovered locations which may hold the key to understanding our lost past... 



    Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara Bedf31f7-da79-412f-8b5b-dbc2036d2873_zps673b30ac
    High Desert
    High Desert

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    Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara Empty Re: Lost Tribes of the Green Sahara

    Post by High Desert on Wed Jun 26, 2013 8:54 pm

    We now know as of the year 2000 the ice age ended exactly 11703 years ago. yes it ended in just one year. of course the big melt took longer but that was the year accumulation stopped and massive melting started according to a greenland ice core from 3 miles down.

    Zacharia Sitchin believes at some point this melting caused a continent sized ice sheet to slide into the ocean causing a tsunami that literately flooded the world making for Noah and other flood stories. This tsunami is the same well know wave making process from island volcanoes going kaboom. Instead of block of dirt it was ice and 100x bigger then we have yet to observe.

    I can see this huge warm area moving north for a decade or two as part of this melting cycle.

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