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    The role of The NSA/CSS. Maybe not what we expected


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    The role of The NSA/CSS. Maybe not what we expected Empty The role of The NSA/CSS. Maybe not what we expected

    Post by Admin on Fri Jun 14, 2013 12:45 am

    My opinion on why the NSA/CSS was formed comes from this public information. 

    The Roswell UFO crash happened in 1947. The predecessor of the National Security Agency was the Armed Forces Security Agency (AFSA), created on May 20, 1949. This was rumored to collect communications and electronic intelligence from UFO’s. However more control was needed to coordinate the military assets. 

    The NSA was formed in 1951 and President Truman authorized, in a letter, the agency in 1952. His letter remains classified. Here are his comments from an interview regarding UFO’s. 

    Then in 1955, President Eisenhower met with alien life forms at Holloman AFB. 

    In 1971, aliens reportedly landed again at Holoman AFB. This is when the much discussed “Emenegger/Sandler/UFO Landing Film” was obtained. 

    Richard Nixon later wrote a Presidential Directive, supposedly in 1972, establishing the Central Security Service. There has been some cocktail talk that the two agencies, now one (NSA/CSS) are composed of opposing philosophies, almost pitting one against the other. However, one goal remained the same. Capture enemy signals by using all of the assets of the Army Intelligence and Security Command, United States Marine Corps, Naval Security Group, United States Coast Guard and Air Force Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency. 
    An interesting side note. Jackie Gleason is said to have been invited by President Nixon on a tour of Homestead AFB in 1973 or 1974. There, he reports seeing several alien bodies in freezers. 

    The duality of the NSA/CSS comes into question today. Perhaps General Alexander will be forced to fully disclose the role to congress within the next few days. 
    But I doubt it.

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