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    HEAVEN ...WHAT it is ...and HOW to get there


    HEAVEN ...WHAT it is ...and HOW to get there  Empty HEAVEN ...WHAT it is ...and HOW to get there

    Post by Gpa-Bill on Mon Aug 12, 2013 12:08 am

    Heaven is 'that' subjective-state of your 'id' {or Soul), in which your 'conscious-self' is 'Perfectly-CONTENT ...Forever'.

    The REASON "WHY" this is so, is because YOUR Carbon-Based Body, has died, and your 'conscious-self' has adjudged yourself as having accomplished {or made your BEST-EFFORT to accomplish), the THREE MANDATES {see below) of 'Absolute Positive Perfection'.

    'Absolute Positive Perfection' {APP), is the 'Quintessential Characteristic' of that Entity/Essence/Force {EEF) ...known as 'The Creator' or 'Supreme-God' in the world's religions.

    'Absolute Positive Perfection' {APP), is an 'EEF' which: ...has NEVER Not been in Existence, currently omnipresent {at the Sub-Plank-Level), throughout the Universes and Dimensions, ...and shall NEVER Not be in Existence.

    There is NO 'Positive-Act' which the 'EEF' of 'APP' cannot accomplish.

    Homo-sapiens is 'wired' to REQUIRE 'Hope' ...of 'rescue' a/o 'salvation', if the psyche of this Homo-sapiens, is not going to fall into an 'intellectual/conscious' 'State of Despair' {out of which the ONLY 'relief' comes through: SUICIDE.)


    The THREE MANDATES of 'APP' are as Follows:

    1. Always, Make your BEST Effort, to 'Pro-Actively Preach' both the EXISTENCE ...PLUS, the Traits and Characteristics of the 'EEF' of 'Absolute Positive Perfection'

    2. Always, make your BEST Effort to treat EVERY entity, with whom you have a relationship, precisely as you would have them, treat you.

    3. Always, Make your BEST Effort, to never miss an opportunity, to use both your Native and Acquired Talents, to make the Society in which you live, as improved as you can, every succeeding day of YOUR-existence, in that Society.

    Re: The JUDGEMENT;
    (Knowing that the ONLY entities to whom it is IMPOSSIBLE to LIE are either 'Yourself' or 'The EFF of APP')...
    ---IF you, then, adjudge yourself as having accomplished the Three Mandates {...or at least adjudge yourself as having TRULY Made your BEST-EFFORT to fully accomplish the Three Mandates), THEN you will be worthy of being 'Perfectly Content Forever';
    how-so? ...BECAUSE in the 'Flawless-wisdom//judgement' of APP, the TRULY-Greatest of one's Efforts will ALWAYS be EQUAL to the Greatest of the One's Deeds.

    If you are WORTHY, after this judgement, THEN your 'Soul' will be melded into the
    Essence of Absolute Positive Perfection, and consequently you will be Perfectly-Content ...for as long as The Essence will be in existence; ...FOREVER.

    HOWEVER, if your Soul has NOT been adjudged as 'worthy' of being 'Perfectly-CONTENT ...Forever' ...THEN your soul/conscious-self will be Reincarnated into a future Zygote, ...AND your soul will have 'Another-Mortal {Homo-sapiens)-Life' in which to ...Be WORTHY of being, 'Perfectly-Content Forever'. --- --- btw, as soon as your soul is found NOT to be worthy, your soul will immediately be conscious of its LOSS of 'HEAVEN', and shall consequently EXPERIENCE that 'Hellacious' SUFFERING of 'LOSS' {UNTIL your 'Soul' is 'Reincarnated' in a future zygote, and you begin, once again, your QUEST to "Make your BEST-EFFORT" to live your New-Existence, following the 'Three Mandates' ...and a consequent/subsequent 'STATE' of 'Perfect-Contentment ...Forever' [ as a 'part' of the 'EEF' of 'APP' ].).

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