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    biggest conspiracy thoery


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    biggest conspiracy thoery Empty biggest conspiracy thoery

    Post by wavesnwaves on Sun Sep 29, 2013 12:21 pm

    The human race has supposedly been enslaved for the purpose of digging up gold to send
    back to nibiru for its atmosphere.
    Thats one theory going around.
    now jesus, came and gave us an exit, so that really messed up things for the humans who
    were and are in charge of this operation because if they did nothing, all the humans one
    by one would've exited out of this world and into anoher, leaving them to be put to work.
    cuz of their relationship to their masters, and their beleifs and desires.

    Thats why they've been so hard on christianity. Since they can't beat it, they've tried to own it.

    Thats why they keep us from discovering who we really are.
    we are the descendants of the 1/3 of angels that followed the devil out of heaven
    I beleive the physical universe was created the moment this occured.
    and everything after, the violent creation of the seperated dimension
    from the whole.
    We believe that the heavens are above as in outer space.
    but really heaven maybe a whole nother room above or beside the physical plain field.
    All these heavenly bodies acting as physical representations of the angels.
    and us humans, space dust that was forming into a bridge between the two
    seperated realities. possibly a remnant to the other world, that the draco species which is a
    descendancy evolution physical manifestation of satan, or lucifer came from
    their space and time to claim our destiny at a young age. We were not allowed our own
    evolution that would've taken a very long time as theres did but because satan was the first to leave
    then he wouldve been the first to evolve here maybe we are the representation of the last angel to leave.
    The earth and all its qualities are representations of the many facets and dimensions of the
    greater macrocosms. As above so is below, but really what goes on, on earth effects the cosmos.
    Thats what all this is about.
    The more something happens the more its likely to occur.
    They are recreating events, following a schedule, distorting our timing with all this technology,
    putting out influences in the media at the right time to get whoever they want unsuspecting
    to fall to their disposition and give in to whatever theyre agenda involves.
    They use astrology to sequence, and the conventional world as their fishing lines.
    With the satellites, the Haarp machine, The electricity conductive chemtrails that
    have been saturating our bodies for over decades, The huge electromagnetic grid matrix with all
    its types of signals, and anything else. They are using cymatics. like the video
    to control the thoughts and life expression of the individual, the group, the city, the society, the civilization, the species.
    to attempt to control the spirituality of the human race. In order to influence our macrocosm counterparts.
    or our future as a spirituality.
    They are trying to create the nazi univese, progressing with planet earth into circus galactus. Unless we change.
    only those who break away from this pattern that maybe is just forming or older that we can count will enter another
    universe where none of this occurs.
    Its says in the bible that their will be a new heaven and a new earth.
    Jesus came to wage war and burn down the tree that satan had planted (tree of stars)
    We are between cycles (26,000 year cycles) when god is able get our attention in subtle ways.
    and they are doing everything they can to obsure and askew that. supposedly we are living
    in the 5th world and the world had been destroyed four times before, this time we destroy it ourselves.
    your thumb closing the door on your hand.
    They are hoping through syncronicity and timing, to influence the trajectory of the stars and thus influencing
    the configuration of the galaxy. Thats why they want the begining of this cycle to unroll develop and expand
    a certain way. So that the rest will follow. When you try to rationalize this world so you can join it.
    when you accept the designed and architectured life that was made by these personalities that go life from life
    possessing their physical counterpart, to return to the same focus and purpose to control the rest of us and make us what they want us to be.
    we allow all this to happen back home. back home where? Once our human evolution is done here on planet earth
    and if the earth is destroyed. All souls on earth will be taken back to their heavenly body counterparts which we were representations
    of. If we accept to be the reflection of their expression to their ends. Then that same history and expression will be
    reflected in our own cosmology.
    If we are to become our own greater expression: our own planet, earth, our own star, our own cosmic body they
    are trying to have the expansion and paradigm shift turn out so that they're influence on what had actually occured
    here on earth while it was still around will be recreated elsewhere whereever we may go.
    Their influence would be so great on what happened on earth with everyone in it that we all become an extension of this evil expression.
    Thus allowing them a way into existance in our future macrocosms. to try to recreate the circumstances that have occured here on earth.
    They want to destroy the earth. at the beginning of this cycle
    Jesus went behind enemy lines to spread the message to anyone who would listen.
    and affirm it as the conduit. Live and die that way. He did. besides.
    He wasn't your average human.

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